Metal Assault Announced and Screens/Trailer

Action-packed 2D MMO explodes on the scene in Spring 2011
Aeria Games has announced that Metal Assault, a high-octane, side-scrolling multiplayer shoot-'em-up developed by GNI Sof, is slated for Closed Beta (CB) release in Spring of this year. Players interested in participating in the upcoming CB testing period can get their chance to sign up early by visiting the official Metal Assault website. In Metal Assault, as an R.O.C. Operative, players will be able to explore the City of HERZ, run and gun across 12 dangerous maps and go on a series of gun-blazing assignments to unravel the mystery behind the explosion at R.O.C. HQ and the disappearance of the famed Professor Russell. Five screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download area.