Ground Control 2 Screens #7

VU Games has released some new screenshots of Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus, showing the second playable faction (the Virons) in this upcoming action-packed RTS in the works at Massive Entertainment. Ground Control 2 will be released in Q2 2004. Read the full article for more details about this "organic, mystical alien race of huge warriors."
Vivendi Universal Games and Massive Entertainment today unveiled a new faction of the upcoming real time strategy game Ground Control II: Operation Exodus Velizy, France - Vivendi Universal Games and Massive Entertainment today unveiled the Virons, an organic, mystical alien race of huge warriors, which is a previously unseen element in the Ground Control universe. This second playable faction consists of a clan-based society that is extremely reclusive and xenophobic. With a very strict military hierarchy the Virons make excellent soldiers and they fight ferociously by using a never-before-seen method of attack. During actual combat, the Virons have the ability to meld several troops together to create new, stronger units. The Viron commanders use this tactic extensively on the battlefield and to successfully defeat them requires a completely new set of skills. Ground Control II: Operation Exodus takes place on the Northern Star Alliance (NSA) home planet Morningstar Prime, a distant colony world where you assume the role of a highly respected officer within the armed NSA forces. As Captain Jacob Angelus you take command of a task force consisting of infantry, vehicles, tanks and aircraft. The survival of your people depends on the strategic and tactical choices that you make during the 24 missions long fight for victory. Fighting against the Northern Star Alliance is the Terran Empire and together with their newly discovered Viron allies, the Empire plans to make the process short with the remaining survivors of Morningstar Prime. "It is very satisfying to finally reveal this second playable faction. The entire development team has worked very hard to design and implement the Virons and playing as this faction is a very different gaming experience indeed," said Martin Walfisz, CEO of Massive Entertainment. Ground Control II: Operation Exodus is currently under development at Massive Entertainment and will offer a thrilling experience for PC gamers worldwide when it is released in the second quarter of 2004.