AI War: The Light of the Spire Released and Screens/Demo

Prepare for a new war
Indie developer Arcen Games has announced the release of AI War: The Light of the Spire, a new AI War expansion available now for $10 through and coming soon to digital distributors. The Fallen Spire campaign brings in-game linear story elements to the title for the first time, and culminates in a whole new way to win. Players with minutes instead of hours should take to the new Defender Mode, offering bite-sized timed games against crazy AI aggression. Light of the Spire also brings 180 new ships, including the powerful Spirecraft vessel class which stands as the second largest unit class in the game. AI War: The Light of the Spire also features new music from composer Pablo Vega, new AI types, map types, bonus ship classes, minor factions and more. Ten screenshots and a demo have been added in our download area.