Star Trek Online Celebrates 1st Anniversary and Trailer

2:24 of gameplay footage
Atari and Cryptic Studios have announced that they are celebrating Star Trek Online's one-year anniversary by releasing a new Feature Episode Series, continuing to discount C-store offers and Lifetime Subscriptions by 20 percent and hosting special in-game events. The discount guarantees users perpetual access to Star Trek Online’s universe for £153.99 (excl.VAT). The special promotion ends February 4, 2011. Beginning today, the Star Trek Online development team will challenge faithful players with trivia questions and other events and will hand out special, exclusive rewards to lucky participants. The Feature Episode Series, "Cloaked Intentions", centers on the Romulan Star Empire and charges players with preventing a civil war between differing factions inside the Empire. The five-episode series also introduces a new ship type and continues Star Trek Online's story beyond 2409. The first Episode is set to debut February 5.