JA2 Urban Chaos Released

The M.O.D. Squad has released the first public version of Urban Chaos, a modification for Jagged Alliance 2 which features new maps, new NPC's, new quests, new intro & outro movies, more factions to fight, and much more. Please note that this mod will only work with the english version of Jagged Alliance 2. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • JA2 Urban Chaos v1.0 (191.9 MB)
  • Urban Chaos: December 2003 -------------------------- Urban Chaos is a Modification to the Jagged Alliance 2* Strategy, Role Playing Game. UC was developed by the JA2 MOD Squad for the JA2 Community in efforts to keep the community alive through "Fan Made Stories, Campaigns, MODs and Utilities" Prerequisites ------------- This is the ENGLISH Version of Urban Chaos only. Installing this version over another JA2 Language is NOT supported. It is HIGHLY recommended that you install a fresh copy of JA2 on your computer before attempting to install Urban Chaos. If you install Urban Chaos over another MOD, it will result in a 'hybrid' modification and is not supported by the JA2 MOD Squad. Installation ------------ Download all of the files required for installing Urban Chaos and place them in a New Folder. DO NOT copy the installation files to your JA2 Folder, doing so will result in a fautly install where key files will be overwritten and/or deleted. When all files are properly downloaded, double click the "UC_Setup.exe" Program to begin installation. Follow the On-Screen Prompts to complete the installation. When the installation is complete, you may launch the program by selecting the new Short-Cut added to your program menu or by double-clicking on the JA2_UC.EXE file located in your JA2 Game Folder. Alternate Installation ---------------------- If for some reason the UCSetup Program Fails for you, run the UC_ALT.BAT file for an alternate installation method. JA2MODSquad's Urban Chaos Credits: ---------------------------------- Azrael, Batman, Bearpit, DASharp, Ibo, Linx, Ramfall, RudeDog, Shanga, Trailblazer, Vurt, Wodan & Zephalo. Abdul, Blast, Dvornik, Terapevt, Snap, Toxic, Cobain, Cain, Cycloid Torus, Nighthawk, Yoda, Per Pettersen, JaTe, Malcolm Steadman, Gerrit Hexpoor, Toni Aman, Lethal, Henri Harju, BullySR, Masguy, Dropbear, Barbu, Tobeas, Trooper Thorn & Friends. Playtesters ----------- Weapon X, Jack D Ripper, Mike9o, Adam-Sun, Hungry Joe, Joker, Mifune, Cafe Lactate & Manami Special Thanks -------------- W4st, Bimbo, Gold, Bear's Pit Forum, JA2 Basis, Lords of the Bytes, The VdM, The Jagged Alliance Community & Sir-Tech. Disclaimer: ----------- This program is Freeware and may be distributed freely as long as all files remain intact. The authors of this program accept no responsibility for any damage or harm resulting in the use of this program. Use this program at your own risk. *Jagged Alliance is a Registered Trademark of 1259191 Ontario, Inc.