TNT Racers NA Xbox 360 Release Date

North American release date and pricing revealed
dtp entertainment and keen games have announced that TNT Racers, an arcade racing game that features 18 action-packed racetracks for up to 4 players, will be available for Xbox 360 on February 9th 2011 - the PS3, PSP and Wii versions are scheduled for Q1 2011. Players battle their racing rivals using fun pick-ups including Confetti Mines, Candy Cannons, Space Rockets and other powerful weapons to catapult opponents off the track or bounce them out using a Monster Car. Winning racers are those who create the most action, damage the most cars, pick up most points and finish the most laps. A unique feature in TNT Racers is Shadow Racing. When players are thrown off the track, they immediately rejoin the action as a shadow racer, taking revenge on remaining players and ensuring everyone is always in the thick of the action.