Black Mirror 3 v1.01 German Patch

Das Spiel liess sich im Auslieferungszustand zwischen Mitternacht und Stunde X (bei der im deutschen Raum üblichen Zeitzone GMT+1 war X=1) nicht starten
dtp entertainment has issued a patch for Black Mirror 3, upgrading to v1.01 the German version of the third installment of the horror adventure series (thanks: The Patches Scrolls). Like its predecessor, Black Mirror 3 delivers a classic point & click adventure in 2.5D technology. The game uses a combination of stunning two-dimensional backgrounds, and detailed three-dimensional characters, and utilizes the power of the Black Mirror 2 graphics engine. Black Mirror 3 will be published by Viva Media in North America in February 2011 and by Lace Mamba Global in the UK in Q1 2011.