Dragon Empires screens #3

The official Dragon Empires website has been updated with some new screenshots (also available in our gallery), showcasing this upcoming MMORPG in the works at Codemasters. The game is currently in Beta0 phase (less than 100 people) and is scheduled for launch in Summer 2004.
Dragon Empires is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game where you take on a character from one of three races and fifteen classes, do battle with dangerous monsters, fight through deadly dungeons, explore 580 square miles of stunning terrain or just hang out with your friends in the city you rule. These options and many more are available to every player in Dragon Empires. Central to the game is the battle for the ownership of 50 cities scattered throughout the world. City ownership is the ultimate status symbol for any clan and it allows them to make their mark on the world. Clans can expand their cities, foster trade, create a strong economy and fight off outlaws so they may protect their position of power. If the battle for cities doesn't interest you then you can head off into the wilderness to hunt monsters or player outlaws who prey on traders in your area. If the mood takes you, why not choose to be an outlaw yourself and strike fear into the hearts of all you meet! If making money is most important to you, the life of a trader and merchant may be the road you chose. Build your mercantile skills and start producing goods. Even while you are offline or asleep your factory will continue to make items to be sold in your local city's marketplace and when you log back in you may wish to further craft these goods into special enhanced items. Will you be a devious merchant, struggling for economic dominance, or will you be a bounty hunter, removing the outlaw threat from the land? Or perhaps you will simply make a living manufacturing and trading goods between cities? These are some of the choices you are free to make!