Mods Galore: Max Payne 2

So you've beat Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne a couple of times already. The game is great, but what's the point of replaying it over and over again - after all it's all the same... Modders to the rescue! At least a few good mods were released for Max Payne 2 by now, and today we bring you the best three (in our eyes) of them. Read the full article to grab the goodies :)
Max Payne 2 Mods Galore Cinema Mod This is the favorite of all the mods we got to play yet. All the changes are impossible to describe in short, but new character models, weapons, physics and bullet-time are the ones that are really worth mentioning. Changes: * Widescreen on reloading * Additional weapons: silenced Beretta, dual silenced Berettas, dual MP5s and a grenade launcher. All new weapons fixed for bullet velocity bug. Grenade launcher lobs grenades. * New menu music (Buckethead - Big Sur Moon) * New bullet time music (E.S. Posthumus - Pompeii) * Blood particles are those of The Sweet Mod, which are those of PoeticJustice v2, apparently by Tek. Credits go to Tek for these * Silenced Berettas have a much smaller muzzle flash * Misc animation tweaks, mainly for firing the different assault rifles. I didn't really like it that a trained officer and an assassin would fire an assault rifle from the hip, rather than making use of the stock and firing somewhat from the shoulder. Fixed. * Max reskinned. Max now wears black, sports a new face (modified face from a cleaner) and wears trendy shades. Mona also wears sunglasses and has added makeup around the eyes for scenes where she isn't wearing the glasses. The eyes were taken from one of the hookers and blended as best I could to blend it in to Mona's face. I think it looks okay. Opinions? * New weapon sounds for the Desert Eagle, the Ingrams and for the MP5s. * Weapon damages, penetrations, rates of fire, et cetera modified. Some of this goes quite well with the new sounds, the Ingram being the prime example. The Ingram isn't quite as worthless as it used to be. -M4A1 firing speed increased -Dual Desert Eagle accuracy tweaked -MP5 firing speed increased -Kalashnikov firing speed increased -Misc fixes to other weapons. I think the weapons work really well in this mod.. * Weapon skins have been darkened to my liking. What were essentially a bunch of gray weapons are now essentially a bunch of black weapons. It looks better. * Bullet time tweaks: -Bullet time reaches 100% efficiency after one shot, then begins to fall off at a rate of 16% per second after 3 seconds. Full length of bullet time is 80 seconds, taking 40 seconds to regenerate fully. * Motion blur while jumping into shootdodge (not while in midair, however.) Widescreen on shootdodge. * New menu and options screens Changes from 1.0: Gave MP5 and dual MP5 differing bullet spreads. Tweaked MP5 sound. Updated some parts of the mod to The Sweet Mod 3.2. Mona now also wears black. Changes from Cinema 1.1: - Minigun! The minigun fires the same 5.56 ammo that the M4 Carbine fires, and can be picked up when you pick up the Striker. Yeah, it sounds funny, but give it a try. Credit to D. Proctor for model. - Grenade launcher removed - Addition of NoClip and Clip console commands. - Bullet whiz sounds on close proximity bullet flybys - Silenced Berettas alert enemies if you're very close to them when firing - Beretta made 20% more accurate - Minor tweaks to performance of most weapons under bullet time in relation to ROF - Pump shotgun fires slightly faster - Pump shotgun shot is in a slightly tighter area - MP5 ROF increased about 10% - Dual MP5 bullet spread tightened slightly - Reduced the flying of enemies when killed by grenades by 33% - Lots of sound fixes. No more crackling weapon sounds. - Bullet time is no longer disabled on shootdodges - Fade time between speeds during shootdodges increased by 0.2 seconds - Fade time on shootdodge getup animations decreased by 0.4 seconds - Updates to the new Max skin. Max now wears leather gloves and has a slightly longer (about at the knees) coat. Updates were also done to the neckline on Max's haircut. - Updates to the new Mona skin. Mona's gloves have been darkened, and her sunglasses have been resized to actually fit her head this time. Eyes from prostitute removed. - Damage multiplier of headshots on enemies wearing helmets increased to the same level of damage as would be done for a chest shot - Angle for using items decreased from 130 degrees to 45 degrees - Cinematic skip blocking time decreased from 4 seconds to 1 second - Fastest bullet time speed rasied to 0.35 from 0.3 - Slowest bullet time speed raised to 0.05 from 0.04 - Bullet time speed change blend time increased to 0.3 from 0.2 - Minor hud changes - Resume added back to the main menu. Oops. - Sounds of various weapons updated. New sound for the Desert Eagle, the silenced Berettas, and the Striker. Oh, and for the minigun, of course. - Filesize of Cinema.mp2m decreased about 9 megs Changes from Cinema 1.2: - Minigun reworked. New firing and spindown sound, new model by The Punisher ( Spindown sound always plays when appropriate. Damage and ROF tweaks as well. Works much like the minigun from Terminator 2. - M4 Carbine fires in 3 round bursts rather than full auto - M4/Minigun 5.56x45 ammo capacity increased to 600 - Ingram sound touched up - Desert Eagle reskinned black - Minor tweaks to the new blood code - Bullet time music drumroll reintroduced, only plays on first loop of music - Normal level music returns after bullet time is turned off - Various animation tweaks and fixes - Max cocks weapons when you select them - Pixel shader bug fixed - Texture problems on Max fixed, except that the alpha texture for the eyelash won't seem to stick, as in when I export the model, the alpha field isn't exported. Perhaps the kf2 exporter in MS3D needs to be updated? - Bullet time and shootdodge game speeds tweaked a bit - Added the two bonus DMW maps - Various audio bugs fixed - Minor changes to a few text strings in the game - Max's left and right rolls made easier to clear obstacles - Basic texturing done on sunglasses for Max and Mona - Camera effect added when Max pulls a new weapon out at bullet time peak - Minor touchups to the Max skin - Added a new bullet time track, Crystal Method - Name Of The Game. This track and E.S. Posthumus - Pompeii are both used as bullet time tracks. Activate once, get one, activate again, get the other. - Minor menu mods, font coloring, mouse cursor, et cetera - Made Ingram shots do 1 more point of damage and fire in a very slightly smaller spread - New console commands: - Shades: adds sunglasses to male character - NoShades: removes sunglasses from male character - FemShades: adds sunglasses to female character - NoFemShades: removes sunglasses from female character - Letterbox: sets game to widescreen and disables HUD - Fullscreen: returns game to fullscreen - SaveInv: saves current inventory - RestoreInv: restores saved inventory - Ragdoll: sets player ragdolls enabled - Rag10: ragdoll w/ force, 10m jump - Rag20: ragdoll w/ force, 20m jump - Rag30: ragdoll w/ force, 30m jump - Ragreset: resets player ragdoll, restores inventory saved with SaveInv Changes from Cinema 1.3.1: - Minigun spins. The animation is quite jerky during incredibly slow motion, but it does spin and isn't noticibly bad from the typical perspective of the game. - Shootdodge rewritten - Bullet time values changed, 100% effiency is gained after two kills, to prevent cinematic angles from getting horribly repetitive - MP5 replaced with MP5K, same goes for dual MP5s. - Ingrams replaced with Micro Uzis - All bullets appear during paused games - Slides on Berettas work to a certain degree - Sniper rifle damage increased slightly.. (this is the Steyr SSG damage, the rifle only used by the sniper at Max's apartment and by Vinnie's mobster during 'A Mob War') - Max can now do backflips (replaces backwards roll) - Animation for drawing a two handed weapon reverted back to original, as it looked strange to cock a shotgun or a minigun.. on the other hand, it looked cool to cock the M4, the MP5, the AK, et cetera.. - Cinematic death camera on enemies activates more often. Activates during BT peak, like most everything else. Camera is skippable, so it doesn't get in the way too much. - Coat bunching bug with getweapon animation fixed - Various fixes to the level items of some of the new weapons. Bug where you could pick up a second silenced pistol without having a first one fixed. - A bit more control over movement while in midair - Striker projectile modified, more like a flak cannon now - Max's skin touched up AGAIN - Desert Eagle re-done again, still two-tone silver/black, actually looks good this time. ;) - New version of menu art - Touchups to most/all weapon skins - Cursor transparency bug in graphic novel mode fixed - Smoke effect on body armor shots re-added Cinema 1.6 Changes: - Max's face & hair finally finished I think - AK and sniper rifle use different ammo again - Added a stock to the MP5K, as per a request on the forums - Gave Mona a bit more distance to her various cartwheels and flips - Removed ~2 dB of bass from the Desert Eagle and minigun firing sounds - Slight changes to the hud icons for the Micro Uzis, the pump shotgun and the MP5Ks. - Increased damage and spread on Micro Uzis - Slightly upped ROF of dual MP5Ks - Lowered player HP from 250 to 175 - Lowered all enemy HP by 20 - Redid Max's jacket skin, ugly jacket glitch almost completely gone now - Played with Max's standing animation - Additional sounds for when enemies scream in pain after being shot - New BT track: Type O Negative - I Don't Wanna Be Me - Added new weapon slot, slot 7, moved minigun to new weapon slot. YOU MUST GO INTO THE COMBAT PORTION OF THE CONTROL SETUP MENUS AND DEFINE A KEY FOR SLOT 7 TO USE THE MINIGUN. - Pistol whip melee attack replaced with brass knuckles - Bullet time regeneration mechanics reworked. Base bullet time is 60 seconds, regenerating from empty to full in 35 seconds. Each kill you get in bullet time will give you either 6 or 9 seconds of bullet time, depending on enemy difficulty. - New muzzle flashes from the Payned Action mod
  • Download Max Payne 2 Cinema v1.6 Mod (22.6 MB)
  • Er4ser Mod Another great mod for the game - loosely based on the movie with the same name. New character models, sounds, modified physics / bullet-time and much more. Version 1.7 ======== - a lots of changes in Bullet Time, its efficiency is now decreasing (was infinite), you gain efficiency slower (3-5 kills to gain 100%, was 1) - changed sound for weapon Desert Eagle - changed music in menu - a lots of changes in shooting.h, i decreased power, and rapidity for almost every weapon, so its more playable - changed textures in Main Menu and Loading - tweaked RagDolls effects for: Ultra Low, Low 10 bones, Low 6 bones and High detail - tweaked camera effect for both man and woman, when in reload spin - changed textures of weapons: AK47, Desert Eagle and Beretta - changed some muzzles Version 1.6 ======== - changed music in menu on my own mix of the Theme of Resident Evil and the Doom 3 (game) baby cry and some nasty ritual - changed back the melee attack, no kick was kinda' amateur, so I managed to delete it - new weapon sounds: + Beretta + Sniper Rifle + Painkillers - new Bullet Hit sounds: + Character 1, 2, 3, 4 (my own work) + Metal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (my own work too) + Metal Hollow 1, 2, 3, 4 (my own work too :o) + Melee Hit Character 1, 2 (not my own work :-P ) + Melee Hit Metal 1, 2 (not either, from DooM 3) + Melee Hit Metal Hollow 1, 2 (from DooM 3) + Grenade bounce (from DooM 3) - with this I also increased very RAPIDLY a volume for all those Bullet Hits. It is now clearly possible to hear when bullet goes into body - changed rapidity of fire for several weapons, mostly for Ingram(s) goes DOWN, for M4 an MP5 goes slightly DOWN - changed ALL dialogs for COMMANDO (those hard boyz called BlackOps too), actually from Counter-Strike Radio messages :-D Its really fun! - changed 2 TV Shows to a 'Vlad Tortures Vinnie' instead of Lords and Ladies Ep. 3 & 5 (!!BEST!!) - changed all menu screens with my logo and ICQ...loading bar changed too - changed a bullet type for M4A1, M4A1 Silenced and AK47 (from Sniper type to Beretta type) - new menu sounds: Hover + Click Version 1.5 ======== - finally changed a color of the silenced on M4 and MP5SD's - very big change about muzzles, now deleted effect when shooting with shotgun and the flash was seen, deleted effect when shooting a slight strip was visible behind in some cases, in some cases there was nothing --> now there is a white strip behind (much more prettier) - again modified some parameters about weapons --> rapidity for UZI and M4 was decreased - changed a sound of weapon SVD Dragunov - changed a model of glasses for woman - changed some textures for weapons Version 1.4 ======== - changed music in menu (from soundtrack Lord of the Rings - May It Be), also in BT (from soundtrack Kill Bill - Main Theme) - added damage for kick (was 0.1, now 3 :O) - changed lences and frames for glasses - again changed sound, when bullet goes into body - changed sound for MP5SD - changed music when you die (from soundtrack Star Wars Ep. 1 -Duel of Fates) - changed music 'Music_Choice' (from soundtrack Resident Evil - Main Theme) Version 1.3 ======== - changed blood again, it is now much more detailed and blured, also 'Blood Spray' was changed (*beautiful now*) - skins for Max and Mona were changed - Glasses (for almost everyone in the game), shoes, long black coat - changed bullet time again - all effects were deleted, only slow effect remained - changed parameters for some weapons - changed parameter Bullet Penetration for all weapons (much bigger now),so you can shoot thru body and bullet goes on thru next body and so on - decreased rapidity of Striker, increased for Uzi(s) and slightly for Pump-Action shotgun - changed loading bar in loading sequences - added music to bullet time --> Chateau Matrix Reloaded - new sounds of shooting for some weapons Version 1.2 Full ============ - new music in menu - matrix - new visage of bullet time, removed annoying yellow tinge from BT, no remmaping effect, only 50% blur effect - new camera style - changed rapidity of some weapons (goes down) - changed maximum decals for interior and exterior (was 4000 now 40000, was 10000, now 100000) - you can shoot thru doors and thin walls (very nice) Version 1.2 Lite ============ - new visage of bullet time, removed annoying yellow tinge from BT, no remmaping effect, only 50% blur effect - new camera style - changed rapidity of some weapons (goes down) - changed maximum decals for interior and exterior (was 4000 now 40000, was 10000, now 100000) - you can shoot thru doors and thin walls (very nice) Version 1.1 ======== - changed some console parameters, but coder etc. are there - changed HUD, icons were added for all new weapons and for kick - new weapons: Dual Sawn-Off Shotgun, Dual Silenced MP5, Silenced MP5,Colt Commando Silenced, instead of melee attack there is a KICK (!!!) - changed all properties of weapons: they are 3x stronger (realistic), in some cases more accurate and the rapidity of shooting is in some cases higher - changed camera position when shooting from sniper rifle (it goes back then forward and much slower) - changed visage of blood, more lighter than original (realistic) - new music in menu - changed visage of bullets, they look better now and when shooting a small strip is visible (like real) - changed gust flmaes when shooting, more realistic now, also changed all muzzles - all skeletons changed, they won't bend so much when the bullet goes on to them - all sounds of all weapons changed - changed sounds in menu when you hover over and when you click on smth. - TV Shows are mixed, so you should hear Soap Operas instead of Dick Justice - sound, where the bullet goes into body is now much more realistic and cool - sound flashbang is from Americas Army Operations - all weapons now wears much more detailed textures - unlimited BT, it's slower, blur effect + much more cosmetic modifications around BT Instalation: ======== Run 'Er4ser Mod v1.7.exe', and simply extract the file into your game location e.g.: 'C:Program FilesMax Payne 2' or whatever. Then start the game as ussual, and on startup screen 'Choose Customized Game' on the right bottom corner select Er4ser Mod v1.6. Start the game and ENJOY!!! :-D
  • Download Max Payne 2 Er4ser v1.7 Mod (34.8 MB)
  • Hellsing Mod Total Conversion This one is worth mentioning as it's the first total conversion of Max Payne 2, adding a custom storyline (based on the (popular?) anime series), 5 levels, new weapons and more. This mod is still a work-in-progress and to be honest doesn't use the MP2 engine to its full extent. But this being the first total conversion of the game we've found, had to be mentioned anyway. :-) Changes in v0.3: - new music in the main menu new music in the play for the cleaner and bullettime alucard skin new weapon - MP40 DUAL new weapon - FNP90 DUAL new weapon - To Casull "Joshua" from the Anime lightsing new weapon - To anti Midans Cannon from the Anime lightsing new loads screens in the main menu and between the missions - Enemies behind doors and crates shoot more blood out of them, bullettime infinitely kinoflaer bar in bulletdodge new sounds of weapon, - new quitjokes and menu of sayings - man can Ghouls and Vampire only with lightsing weapons really harm to cause!!! - changed skins of each more cleaner and mafioso NOT into this version production. - new activeweapon huds (have at present which from cinemamod taken) Changes in v0.51: more revised lucard skin newer ghoulskins new story -5 new levels (simply start a new play, but only the first 5 level is thereafter is the normal MP2 level again) IN THE NEXT VERSION IT THEN 13 MAPS ITS HISTORY FAR COUNTING those levels were revised and funzen also successively, the opponents to have more waypoints and somewhat sharper textures are in the maps new waffe:Jackal (revised, texture was also revised) new waffe:Dual P90 (revises) new waffe:Dual Famas new waffe:Harcannon (revises) (around all weapons to get please "more coder" into the CONSOLE enter (without "") more again shooddoge effect new bullettime feeling new quitjokes new map loading screens (made of shady) -man can shoot by wood and crates new music in the bullettime (Sonata Artica - Ecliptica - UnOpened) new music in the main menu (lightsing theme to the German series) more blood new menu loading screens - new Main menu (made of sashman) new activeweaponhud (made of Mr. chain protection
  • Download Max Payne 2 Hellsing v0.51 Total Conversion (90.8 MB)
  • Note: If you know of some other great mods for Max Payne 2 please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll gladly add them to this list :)