Cy Girls screens #3

Konami has released 20 new screenshots of Cy Girls, showcasing this upcoming cyber-thriller action game in which you control "two talented female agents - Ice and Aska - who have the ability to enter virtual worlds in order to bring down an organization charged with terrorizing the world." Cy Girls will be released in March 2004, exclusively for Playstation 2. Check also this recent trailer for some in-game footage.
This intense action game is set within a dangerous futuristic world that will take players on a wild adventure around the globe and through cyberspace. Playing as either 'Ice' or 'Aska', gamers will lead these spy divas on their mission to fight crime and put an end to cyber-terrorism. Traveling from South America to the Far East to North America and beyond, the Cy Girls romp through a series of unique levels in both the real world and a parallel virtual world. When the real-world action gets too hot, the girls can dive into a cyber universe to uncover new clues and utilize new skills that bend the rules of reality. With the use of explosive firepower and deadly martial arts skills, Ice and Aska take down criminals with their own individualized moves and abilities. Making for a deadly team, Ice specializes in firearms and long range attacks requiring stealth, accuracy and intelligence while Aska is a master ninja, deft at swordsmanship, close combat and precision stunts. The story is enhanced by a sophisticated control scheme and never-before-seen game mechanics that allow the Cy Girls to perform amazing acrobatic moves. The unique eight-way directional control allows players to move the girls in multiple directions while attacking. With an option to target automatically or manually, players of all skill levels will be able to get the girls to pull spectacular maneuvers with style and flair. Features: * Play as two unique characters, Ice and Aska on parallel story paths * Fight cyber-terrorists with weapons skills of Ice or Ninja abilities of Aska * Acquire new skills for each character while in the cyber-world * Efficient targeting system that caters to beginners and experts alike