Smoking Colts English Demo

A few days after the German version, Spellbound has now released the English demo of Smoking Colts ('Rauchende Colts' in German), allowing you to try out this recent arcade shooter. The demo offers one playable level (the same as before). Thanks: Blue's. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Smoking Colts Demo (18.8 MB)
  • Smoking Colts is the biggest shooting gallery in the world! Not only can you shoot the toughest cowboys in the two Western levels, but there are also two Horror and Alien levels. Smoking Colts also offers some unique new features, because it is the first shoot 'em up with... * Baddie B.O., Monster Scent and Alien Smog all in one game; everything nicely shared out between 6 different levels for you to master. * thousands of possible variations on every level, which you can leave to chance or set yourself and practise again and again. * 5 electrifying Special Focus Events like "Snipertime" and " Duel." * Interchangeable opponents! You can shoot anything if you have a digital image of it (or can make the neighbour's cat, for instance). * over 60 different opponents and masses of hidden targets. * ingenious and motivating points system which rewards accuracy and shooting speed. There are also: * Internet highscores: measure your shooting skills against others. Worldwide! * 4 difficulty grades from "easy" to "CRAZY" * 4 different weapons like the good old shotgun and the machine gun. * 6 atmospheric and awe-inspiring soundtracks.
    Smoking Colts (18.81MB)