Postal 2 Share The Pain v1408 Patch

Running With Scissors has released a patch for Postal 2: Share the Pain, bringing this FPS multiplayer expansion to v1408. This release fixes some collision problems, eliminates a potential god-mode cheat in multiplayer, adds some new server features, fixes some bugs, and more (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Postal 2 Share The Pain v1408 Patch (10.2 MB)
  • The 1408 patch contains several multiplayer fixes and improvements. This small 10 MB patch is highly recommended for all POSTAL 2: Share The Pain users. The following changes are made by the 1408 patch: * Eliminated potential god-mode cheat in multiplayer * Fixed "Snatch" and "Grab" server lists so the servers show up now * Fixed "stuck dead forever" bug when 'K' then 'Fire' are pressed quickly * Fixed collision problem that affected one of Gary Coleman's animations * Fixed karma-related dedicated-server crash (Linux version only) * Changed "Say" and "Team Say" messages to yellow for easier reading * Added "Game Type" column to show each server's game type * Added "Password" column to show which servers require passwords * Added current server name to top of Scoreboard * Changed server lists to sort by number of players (you can easily change this to sort by whatever column you want, and it will now remember your preference) * Cleaned up map names for those using GameSpy Arcade * Minor menu tweak to try to get players to change default name ("Player")

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