Cities in Motion GDC 2011 Screens and Soundtrack

100 years of transportation history across four of Europe's great cities and it's yours to play with
Paradox Interactive sent us twenty fresh from Cities in Motion, a mass transportation simulator set across four European cities, now available in Europe and North America. Developed by Colossal Order, Cities in Motion sees players develop and operate their own public transport company building a travel network across Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin, and Amsterdam using more than 30 different modes of transport including buses, trams, subway trains and water buses. As each city develops and grows the player must continue to meet the ever changing transport needs of its commuters, while at the same time ensuring it remains as profitable as possible. Cities in Motion will challenge players to create the perfect public transport system that has no cancellations, no delays and where the passengers are always happy. A playable demo can be found here - the game soundtrack is now locally mirrored.