Rappelz Epic VII Part 2: Obsession Announced and Screens

The Epic journey continues for all adventurers in the lands of Rappelz
gPotato Europe has announced that Epic VII Part 2: Obsession, a new Rappelz expansion, will be launched in German, French, Polish, Italian and Turkish in the coming weeks. The brave adventurers challenged the mighty Witch in Epic VI: Resurrection in order to restore peace to the lands of Rappelz. But was she really beaten and is she really dead? Part 2: Obsession will reveal the answer. In addition, a new dungeon awaits all players from Level 138 up and the new Creature Farm will be of great help to all players who own many pets - they can simply bring their pets to the farm, where they will be trained and levelled up for a fixed amount of time. Also, the User Inventory Interface will be completely revamped and a belt system, an enchantment and combination list, boss cards and many more will be introduced in this new Rappelz expansion. Eight screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.

Rappelz on PC
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