Steel Legions Closed Beta Begins and Screens/Client

New 3D browser game from Splitscreen Studios
Splitscreen Studios today announced the start of the closed beta for Steel Legions, a 3D browser game is planned to be launched in Q2 2011. In an alternate past, steel, steam, and oil have become essential resources for the military forces of the age: gigantic steel colossi weighing several tons, steered by half a dozen men and women. These machines maintain the balance of power between the four largest empires. But machines require fuel - which is a scarce commodity. In tactical battles against rival teams, players get to showcase their strategic skills. A vehicle on high ground, for instance, will have increased firing power and range. On the other hand, craters and canyons offer better protection against attacking enemies. Other elements that provide players with tactical options during missions include bridges, barriers, turrets, and various buildings. In addition, by replacing individual components of Steel Legions combat vehicles, such as chassis, drive mechanism, and armour, as well as primary and secondary weapons, players get to customise their vehicles and influence their combat attributes. Eight screenshots and the game client have been added in our download area.