Runes of Magic Chapter IV Lands of Despair Trailer

A dark force threatening the land (1:14)
Frogster released a new Runes of Magic trailer, this time showcasing the fourth chapter of the title, called Lands of Despair. This new major content update offers a background story with unexplored areas, dungeons, and a new level cap of 70, among other new features. Chapter IV - Lands of Despair tells the story of a mighty, yet mysterious demon who is throwing the world of Taborea into turmoil. As part of his devious plan he has released a horrifying contagion across the land, turning the inhabitants of entire villages into soulless zombies. Runes of Magic players must set off on a dangerous journey through uncharted regions, and confront new and terrifying creatures to bring the light of day to this dark and afflicted land.