Search and Rescue 4 v1.00 Patch

InterActive Vision has issued a new patch for Search & Rescue: Coastal Heroes, bringing the fourth installment in the Search and Rescue series to v1.00. This release adds support for DirectX-compatible and CH controllers, adds some new features, and fixes some bugs and crashes (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Search and Rescue 4 v1.00 Patch (600 KB)
  • Patch 1.00 This patch is compatible with retail versions of the following territories: - North America, Publisher: Global Star Software - France, Publisher: Nobilis - Poland, Publisher: Play If your version is not on the list, please look for a different patch version or contact InterActive Vision The patch includes the following: - Updates and added support for DirectX-compatible controllers - Added support for CH controllers - Fix for crashes to desktop and monitor problems related to the refresh rate default of Renderware. Users can now manually set a different refresh rate in the video options - Fix for graphics problems related to ATI graphics cards causing objects to disappear - Fix for miscellaneous mission bugs - New feature: Invisible cockpit triggered by shift+F1