Armoured and Dangerous Released and Screens/Trailer/Demo

Phantasm Game Studio’s indie debut in 3D tank strategy game for PC players has been launched
Phantasm Game Studio today announced the release of its DRM-free strategy game of battle tanks, Armoured and Dangerous. Each of the tanks is designed for a unique set of offensive or defensive actions and can be controlled individually for employing the battle strategy. The focus is more on the game play than exploration, presented in a grim setting of vast acres of barren battling terrain. The player can choose from a pool of 5 tanks to build your Tank unit and strategize to attack and destroy your opponent's tanks and structures. The Campaign unlocks the various features of the games as and when you complete your objectives. The Skirmish allows you play any particular terrain for a quick rush of adrenaline. Six screenshots, a trailer and a demo have been added in our download area.