Scorched 3D Build 36.2

SourceForge has released a new version of Scorched 3D, bringing this freeware OpenGL remake of Scorched Earth to v36.2. This is "a minor update version and includes fixes for various small issues as well as some new improvements" (read full story for details). Thanks: Gavin :) Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Scorched 3D Build 36.2 (Full Game) (17.4 MB)
  • Build 36.2 Changes: Fixed: Some display problems on Unix Fixed: 16bit display mode performance problems on win32/unix Fixed: Some cross compatability compilation problems Fixed: Invert/swap keys now works Fixed: Graphics for explosions do not cross into next round Fixed: Client stimulus 6 in state 4 bug Fixed: Clicking sound sometimes continues after move has been made Fixed: Fonts sometimes black-out or plan dialog goes all white (I think) Fixed: Auto defense dialog only changes settings when ok is pressed Fixed: AIs can only use an auto defense if they have bought one! Fixed: Display modes should be shown only once Fixed: Targeting triangle is much thinner (seen from above) Fixed: Shot camera does not get left behind Added: Player stats generation and master stats site Added: MySql database support (primarily for stats) Added: Console commands can be bound to quick keys Added: Online player name remembered from one game to the next Added: Player gets warned if settings cannot be saved Added: Shot camera zooms out for large explosions/multi-part weapons Added: Fastword modes increased to x8 Added: AIs should be able to use batteries now Added: Player score added to the player dialog (bottom right) Added: Max player name length increased from 16->22 Added: Kenny tank model (thanks Knochi) Added: Mac OS X compatability patch (thanks C. Thomas) Added: Single player mode does not generate landscape before connecting Added: Most dialogs generated using wxSizers (better look across platforms) Added: All used GL extensions can be turned off individually Added: Tank model detail can be set using display dialog