Black Prophecy next-g 2011 Screens

Three new screens
gamigo sent us a new set of screenshots from Station Walking, the first Black Prophecy add-on, which is planned for the beginning of next year: station walking. This feature will allow players to leave their spaceships and explore the lavishly-detailed space stations on their own two feet. Players will no longer need to use menu windows to trade, receive mission briefings or mod their ships but can do so by interacting with NPCs - be it in a shady bar, the command center or in one of the massive hangars. Another addition that will be introduced with Station Walking is the possibility for players to purchase an apartment in a space station and to decorate it with looted furnishings. This can serve as a quiet spot to find some solitude from the rush of space battles and as a place to hang out with friends. Clans will also be able to acquire apartments where clan members can meet and which will feature a variety of clan management tools.