Just A Game Signs Martial Arts: Capoeira and Screens

Martial arts combat game for early 2011
Just A Game today announced it has acquired the worldwide publishing (without Poland and the GUS) rights to Martial Arts: Capoeira, a martial arts combat game devoted to the Brazilian acrobatic martial art and dance. The fighting is staged not only at the foot of the Sugarloaf Mountain players can choose from 13 uniquely styled combat arenas in real locations such as Paris, Rome, Sydney, or New York. The contest takes place inside a circle known as a 'Roda' and as in the real thing, the Capoeiristi are ringed by musicians who underscore the combat with traditional rhythms. The three difficulty levels Batizado (beginner), Instructor, (advanced) and Professor (master) can be set by players to match their experience. There are a total of twelve different characters available who, before they fight, also have to complete a comprehensive set of training sessions under the guidance of an experienced Capoeira Master. Capoeira releases worldwide for Windows PC in early 2011 - three screenshots found their way in our gallery.