Dragonica New Event Announced

Log-in-to-Win event sees 10,000 worth of prizes to be won, including Alienware Laptops, Dell XPS PCs and a range of peripherals
Gala Networks Europe today announced a massive 'log-in-to-win' event for Dragonica, starting tomorrow 15th of March, with 10,000 worth of prizes to be won. The prizes on offer include an Alienware Laptop, three XPS Dell PCs, Wireless keyboards, headsets and mice, along with lots of gPotato merchandise and in game prizes such as EXP Potions and there are several ways to win. On specific dates, which will be announced on the Dragonica website, players who log in for one consecutive hour will be automatically issued a prize within three days of the announced 'special' date.

Dragonica on PC
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