LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Released in North America

The most action-packed LEGO videogame to date now available
LucasArts announced today it has shipped LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, the latest chapter in the LEGO Star Wars videogame franchise developed by TT Games for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, Wii and DS - the 3DS version will be released on March 27th. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars includes all the characters from both seasons of the animated television series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as well as some fan-favourite characters from the theatrical Star Wars saga. The game will feature brand new battle modes, giving players unique, head-to-head combat and an upgraded level builder, allowing the creation of customized bases and in-game battlefields. You will play either as a Jedi or Separatist with all-new character abilities, such as Squad command, Lightsaber slicing, Lightsaber jumps, long distance Jedi attacks and Grapple Tie-Ups, all within a new, easy-to-navigate hub.