Dead Meets Lead Challenge Demo and Release Date

Be the first among your friends to appear on the Hall of Fame
Keldyn Interactive sent over a press release announcing the release of a free-to-play, single level version of Dead Meets Lead called The Challenge. Simultaneously, the release date for the full game is officially set to be May 3, 2011. The Challenge is a specially designed single level version of Dead Meets Lead. As the name might imply, it is constructed to be truly difficult to complete. For those who do complete it awaits the reward of getting their name inscribed into the official Hall of Fame on the Dead Meets Lead website. The map starts with The Captain finding himself in a small glade in the depths of the swamplands. He senses that something is wrong with the place, but before realizing what is about to happen he is swarmed by zombies. Having no choice but to stand his ground, he heroically defends himself against several waves of attacks, each wave harder than the previous.