Youda Survivor 2 Released and Demo

Are you ready to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save your loved ones?
Youdagames today released Youda Survivor 2, a a sequel to the time management game Youda Survivor that was released in October 2010. In Youda Survivor 2 the stakes are higher and the fun is doubled in this game there are two playable characters, two modes and plenty of new additions. The game takes the player several years after the events in Youda Survivor 1 and the player needs to go back to the island that has been transformed by a mysterious force. As the main protagonist, you can choose your character and sculpt it to your likings acquiring powerful items as the game progresses. By leaving your family behind, you are fighting a battle against time to save them, as well as the friendly tribe you know so well from the first part. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.