Warstory: Europe in Flames v2.0 Released and Screens

Version 2.0 arrives for the WWII browser-based strategy game with many new features
Developed by Chimera Entertainment and built with Silverlight technology, Warstory: Europe in Flames is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer strategy game set during World War II. Players join one of the allied armies and command a company of soldiers and vehicles, which grows in size, strength, and capabilities as the game progresses. The main objective of the game is to march your forces across Europe and defeat the Axis powers. Large scale multiplayer battles are designed to last several days, which lead to an epic fight in Berlin to decide the fate of the world. Warstory: Europe in Flames today received a significant update packed with brand new content and features: new daily bonuses, extended social features, new items and equipment, and even better rewards (press 'read more' for details) - eleven new screenshots found their way in our gallery.