Unreal 2 XMP Community Bonus Pack Public Beta

The public beta of the XMP Community Bonus Pack for Unreal 2 is now available for download. This Bonus Pack contains 8 new maps, several mutators and mods. This is the BETA version - the full version is due to be released next month. Of course, you will need the Expanded Multiplayer addon in order to install this bonus pack :) Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Unreal 2 XMP Community Bonus Pack Public Beta (103.7 MB)
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------- UNREAL II XMP COMMUNITY BONUS PACK I PUBLIC BETA - 30 JANUARY 2004 VISIT THE COMMUNITY BONUS PACK WEBSITE http://www.u2xmp.com/cbp/ ---------------------------------------------------------------- To install this pack, simply run the .exe installer and follow the on-screen instructions. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Players and server admins are reminded that this BETA version does not contain all of the content planned for the full version of the Community Bonus Pack, which is due to be released in early February 2004. Bugs or other problems with this BETA should be reported here: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/forumdisplay.php?f=462 ---------------------------------------------------------------- The XMP Community Bonus Pack Public BETA contains the following: MAPS XMP-CBP-BETA-Apophisby Alex 'RaptoR' Dobie XMP-CBP-BETA-Asunder by Jake 'Reeps' Speer XMP-CBP-BETA-Emerald by Alex 'RaptoR' Dobie XMP-CBP-BETA-Hell by Erik 'Styx' Cederman XMP-CBP-BETA-Islands by Erik 'Styx' Cederman XMP-CBP-BETA-Kaminariby Scott Dalton XMP-CBP-BETA-Naularn by Jake 'Reeps' Speer XMP-CBP-BETA-WinterGarden by Lizard of Oz XMP-CBP-BETA-Xaemia by Jake 'Reeps' Speer MUTATORS Note: the package name for a mutator must be added as a Server Package under the [Engine.GameEngine] section of your MyU2XMP.ini file before you can run a server with that particular mutator. For example, you would add ServerPackages=RaptoRMutators to enable the music mutator. Then, you may select that mutator from the mutators menu in-game. THIS APPLIES TO SERVER ADMINS ONLY. -------------------------------------------------------- ARTIFACT POWERS Author: Jason Yu Package: ArtifactPowers Class: MutArtifactPowers Settings: ArtifactPowers.ini This mutator gives artifact carriers powers depending on the artifact that they are carrying. For example, the health artifact would regenerate the player's health, the weapon damage artifact would increase the damage that the player's weapon does. -------------------------------------------------------- KICK IDLERS Author: Jason Yu Package: KickIdlers Class: MutKickIdlers Settings: KickIdlers.ini Automatically kicks inactive players to free up player slots on XMP servers. -------------------------------------------------------- SUICIDE RAPTORS Author: TsN|Byte Package: SuicideRaptor Class: SuicideRaptorMut Gives rangers the ability to deploy 'Suicide Raptors', volatile vehicles that detonate after the player hops out, with devastating effects! -------------------------------------------------------- SUMMONER Author: [-will-] Package: XMPSummoner Class: XMPSummoner Settings: See XMPSummoner.txt for details Allows server admins to perform all sorts of fun and useful commands which are disabled by default in XMP. -------------------------------------------------------- XMP MUSIC Author: Alex Dobie (music remixed by AzureIce) Package: RaptoRMutators Class: XMPMusic Settings: RaptoRMutators.ini This configurable mutator adds Unreal II music to XMP maps of your choice. -------------------------------------------------------- XMPTE (XMP TOURNAMENT EDITION) Author: Jason Yu Package: XMPTEb5 Class: XMPTE Settings: XMPTE.ini Adds useful tournament features such as 'ready' signals to XMP. -------------------------------------------------------- MODS -------------------------------------------------------- XMP IRC REPORTER Author: [-will-] Settings: See XMPReporter.txt for instructions Allows you to report everything that happens on your XMP server to the IRC chat channel of your choice. -------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- Unreal® II - The Awakening © 2003 Epic Games Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA Unreal and the Unreal logo are registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unreal II - The Awakening was created by Legend Entertainment, an Infogrames studio and was manufactured and marketed by Infogrames, Inc. New York, NY, under license from Epic Games, Inc. The Atari trademark and logo are the property of Infogrames. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Maps, mods and mutators are the property of their authors. All content in this pack is used with the permission of the copyright holder. ----------------------------------------------------------------