Max Payne Demo

Gathering of Developers has released a playable demo of Max Payne, allowing you to try out this hard-core 3D action shooter by Remedy and 3D Realms. The demo includes a tutorial, the story introduction and the first two levels from the full game. Download:
  • Max Payne Demo (130 MB)
  • MAX PAYNE READ ME Thank you for installing MAX PAYNE DEMO. This document contains important information about Max Payne, please read it through carefully. System Requirements Max Payne runs on a wide variety of hardware and operating systems. To make sure you are getting optimal game play experience on your system, please make sure Max Payne uses suitable graphical detail level settings for your PC. For more information, please refer to the Options menu tool tips in the game. Minimum (minimum graphical detail): 450 MHz AMD / Intel Processor (or compatible) 16 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card 96 MB RAM Recommended (medium graphical detail): 700 MHz AMD / Intel Processor (or compatible) 32 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card 128 MB RAM Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95 (OSR2 or later), Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000. Although Max Payne has been found to work on Windows XP, it has not been thoroughly tested and thus Windows XP is not officially supported. Additionally, Windows NT is not supported. Max Payne requires Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or newer to be installed.