Ultima X Odyssey Screens #9

The official Ultima X Odyssey website has been updated with 9 new screenshots (also available in our gallery), showcasing this upcoming MMORPG in the works at Origin Systems. The game will be published by Electronic Arts in early 2004. Be sure to check out this recent trailer for some in-game footage.
A new Ultima legend is born in the stunning massively multiplayer online world of Ultima X: Odyssey! Enter the world of Alucinor, a land filled with incredible beauty, fantastic creatures and great rewards waiting to be discovered. Set off on a path of adventure and let the Virtues be your guide, but beware - evil lurks where it's least expected and danger can be found around any corner. Journey alone or embark with friends on private adventures, or challenge your enemies to one-on-one duels. Embrace the Virtues and be rewarded in Alucinor, where even the merest of mortals can ascend to the level of the Avatar. You control your destiny, but choose your path wisely, for your actions could decide the fate of the world! Prepare yourself for an Odyssey of adventure in a brand new world unequalled in its majesty and mystery. Features: * Odyssey Adventure System: Virtue quests that bring the adventure to you! * Fast paced strategic combat: Interactive combat that allows you to control every move. * Intelligent items: Items that level and grow with your character. * Master the Virtues and ascend: Master all eight Virtues and ascend to the level of the Avatar! * Private one-on-one gladiatorial duel: Make private wagers and battle for supremacy in consensual Player Vs. Player duels. * Guild versus Guild battles: Defend your guild's reputation in grand-scale battles in private areas.