Singles Screens #5

Our gallery has been updated with 22 new screenshots of Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, showcasing this 3D 'Adult' Life Simulation developed by Rotobee. As mentioned earlier this week (story), the game is now Gold in Germany and will be released there next week. In UK, the game will be published by Deep Silver on 2nd April 2004.
SINGLES: FLIRT UP YOUR LIFE - IT'S A MATING GAME ... BASINGSTOKE, England (February 6th, 2004) - The action is definitely getting steamier in SINGLES: FLIRT UP YOUR LIFE, the raunchy flat share game from recently launched publisher DEEP SILVER and developer ROTOBEE. Launching on Windows PCCD, the finishing touches are being added to this highly anticipated game, due for launch on 2nd APRIL 2004. To give the characters a unique feel that players will relate to, DEEP SILVER in the UK have employed the creative talents of an established television writer, whose credits include such popular soap operas as EMMERDALE, FAMILY AFFAIRS and the highly successful children's television show BYKER GROVE. A spokesman from DEEP SILVER said, "We've taken the time to make the game more appealing to the UK games player. We wanted the game to be tongue in cheek and 'Ohh errr missus.. don't titter', rather than taking itself to seriously." Exclusively published by DEEP SILVER and distributed in the UK & Germany by KOCH MEDIA, SINGLES: FLIRT UP YOUR LIFE from ROTOBEE will be launched on Windows PCCD, APRIL 2nd 2004. For additional information visit the official SINGLES website at: FEATURES: * 13 male and female characters to 'pair up' in the apartment - choose from the pretentious yet seductive cat walk model Paris, cheesy Latin dancer Enrique or salon stylist Rachel * Highly detailed and realistically animated characters - True-to-life human physique and natural facial expressions - each character features bump-mapping and over 30,000 polygons * Character skill system allows for development and progression - Make your characters more efficient at tasks by learning * Romantic & passionate situations - characters are not shy about throwing their clothes off and showing their feelings to one another, be that friendship, love or anger * Featuring full frontal nudity, foreplay and a little bit of slap 'n' tickle * 'PINK MODE' allows for characters to explore their sexuality * Decorate the apartment to suit your characters tastes - Give the apartment the 'homely touch'. Buy new appliances, decorate walls, fully redesign their home * Dynamic shadows and Radiosity Lighting in a True3D world - to give your apartment that 'soft focus' - seductive feel