Section 8: Prejudice for PC Available for Pre-Order

Pre-order incentives for Section 8: Prejudice on PC
TimeGate Studios today announced that pre-orders for the PC version of Section 8: Prejudice have launched via Steam, Direct2Drive and the Games for Windows Marketplace. Specifically: Steam - 10% discount for pre-order (price: $13.49); Games for Windows Marketplace - unlock the Explosion Pack on day one (you ca use the Riot Mod Pulse Cannon to demolish clusters of enemies with multiple pulse rounds, or detonate the Concussion Detpack explosive to slow down opponents and damage shield defenses); Direct2Drive - unlock the Lightning Pack on day one (you can strike with the EMP Round Pulse Cannon to drain opponents' energy over time and devastate shield defenses, or unleash the Tagger Round Sniper Rifle to tag enemies and track their every move).