Savage Euro Date Confirmed - New Movie

Digital Jesters today confirmed the european release date of Savage, the action/RTS title developed by S2 Games. The game will be published on PC CD-ROM on February 27th 2004 in the UK, and during March and April throughout Europe. To celebrate this, a new video has been released, offering a minute and a half of in-game footage, showing off "the game's versatile engine in all its breathtaking beauty." Digital Jesters also let us know that a new demo will be available soon. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Savage Movie (47.5 MB)
  • SAV WON’T BE AN AGE Digital Jesters confirms release date of genre-busting action/strategy title ‘Savage’ 13 February 2004 - The action/real-time-strategy title the New York Times described as "the most innovative game of the year," is due to slam into the shelves soon, as Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters has confirmed the release date for Savage. The game will be published on PC CD-ROM on February 27th 2004. To celebrate this announcement, Digital Jesters and developer S2 Games have released an amazing new video which shows off the game's versatile engine in all its breathtaking beauty. It features a minute and a half of all-out war. Savage almost defies explanation. An online-only fusion of first-person combat and real-time strategy gaming, it pits race versus race in colossal struggles of power set, initially, with in the realms of Newerth. However, Savage can be totally changed in look, feel and the way it plays by creating mods. And Digital Jesters has assembled a stack of new maps and modifications exclusively for the European release, making it the greatest value ever. The new and improved European version of Savage will include the following extra features in one lavish pack: · 64-page, lavishly-produced official strategy guide · New maps exclusive to European retail pack · An exclusive 'mod' made by a professional modification team – namely "Samurai Wars" which radically alters the game's original premise · Bonus disk complete with many currently mods, skins, maps and tutorials made by the ever interactive US Savage community · Clan server vouchers for free sessions on "There's not long to go now," said Leo Zullo, marketing manager, Digital Jesters. "We know European games have had to wait a little longer than their US counterparts, but they'll soon be waging online war. Savage really demands to be played and experienced – S2 games have done an astonishing job of combining two seemingly disparate genres into one amazing game." Savage will be published by Digital Jesters on February 27th in the UK, and during March and April throughout Europe. A new demo will be hosted online soon.
    Savage Movie (47.52MB)