Massive Assault v1.1.191 Patch

Wargaming.Net has released a new patch for Massive Assault, bringing this turn-based strategy game to v1.1.191. "The most crucial part of this patch is Scoring System in singleplayer which shows player's rank increasing as he passes through world war missions, scenarios and campaigns. In addition, significant enhancements have been done to both graphic engine and gameplay." Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Massive Assault v1.1.191 Patch (EU) (2 MB)
  • Massive Assault v1.1.191 Patch (NA) (2.1 MB)
  • The full list of improvements GRAPHIC ENGINE Metallic units - environment mapping added Light reflection on water added GAMEPLAY Hot-Seat save enabled Scoring system added in single-player mode All scenarios and campaigns are redesigned and rebalanced for 3 difficulty levels Undo during unit deployment is implemented (left click removes unit) Enhanced statistics indication: player names added Indication of disabled countries in scenarios added REPLAYS Player names, side and turn number are now indicated in replays Fly-over-world mode at the end of replay added Bug fix: some glitches in replays are eliminated MULTIPLAYER Your rank, name, score, wins and loses are now showed in the multiplayer menu Opponent’s rank and name, as well as turn number are showed in multiplayer games "Send Message" button added to menu for multiplayer games Bug fix: incompatibility of in-game messages for different version eliminated Bug fix: broken games caused by the disconnections while sending turns Bug fix: game freezing in Challenge menu INTERFACE Space shortcut added for "End Phase" in "This unit can fire" warning Bug fix: pause release on clicking "Menu" button in replays Bug fix: "Cancel" button in "Gameplay Options" not working Bug fix: unable to buy air units when fully loaded Transport is in the city MISC Hardware/Software options added for mouse and sound Some other bugs and glitches are fixed