Flyff: Fly for Fun Act VIII: Coliseum Announced and Screens/Trailer

Next expansion - Act VIII: Coliseum - launches in June
Flyff - Fly For Fun is a free MMORPG which focuses on characters flying around using a hoverboard or broom as a way of transportation to other islands and towns in the game. There is an enormous amount of content to explore and level up in as well as engaging in battles in PvP (Player vs. Player) mode with up to 120 levels of play. Act VIII: Coliseum, the upcoming expansion, will add a variety of new content beginning with a brand new PvE fighting area Coliseum where players can become legends. Providing two different modes; easy or hard, players will have to defeat well-known and brand-new boss monsters from all across Madrigal to be rewarded with great armour and fashion sets as well as items, which usually can only be found in the shop. To enter the Coliseum and face the challenges, players will have to be a group or guild of 8. Seven new screenshots and a trailer can now be found in our download section.