Creeper World 2: Redemption Released and Screens/Demo/Trailers

Defense, offense, strategy, tactics and you - will these be enough when a new kind of enemy is everywhere?
Knuckle Cracker has announced the release of Creeper World 2: Redemption, a title which blends real time strategy and the newer spin-off defense games. Creeper World 2 continues the 14th millennium saga for the survival of the once great human empire. Decimated by an insidious and unstoppable enemy, the Creeper, humanity at long last sets out to retake its former empire. Led by Commander Dax Joven, a mighty Liberation Ship embarks on a journey that will forever alter the history of the universe. Players employ new and advanced weapons on expanded maps. Gravity, fields, Anti-Creeper, repulsors, and miro-rifts are just a few of the new technologies players can bring to bear against the insidious Creeper. Six screenshots, a demo and three videos have been inserted in our download area.