Realms of Torment Movies #2

The official Realms of Torment website has been updated with two new movies showcasing this upcoming MMORPG in the works at Quad software and Maxim software. The clips are taken from caverns where the dwarf race will live and show off the Abyssal Engine in motion. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Realms of Torment Movie #2 (31.4 MB)
  • Realms of Torment Movie #3 (35.5 MB)
  • The half-circle of mages stood with hands linked, waiting for the signal from Master Thane Seleron. The corpse littered battlefield left one to wonder how many had survived this battle. Every year the reports from the Scribes told of the dwindling numbers of every race. The souls of Krel were dying. Seleron lifted his hand high and gave a great dwarven battle cry to signal the waiting mages on Peridyn Field. The Seekers said this spell had never been cast before, though its effects had been speculated on for years. Voices rose eerily as the powerful mages multiplied each others? magics, casting an eerie blue light around them. They waited, breaths held tight in their chests, knowing that if they failed, all would die. Blue lightning danced into the center of the mages, pooling there in a large, crackling orb. With a final cry in a rarely spoken tongue, the mages let loose their creation upon the advancing armies of Warlords and mercenaries. The orb shot out of the crescent of mages with an ear piercing snap, flying across the field to explode dead center in the enemy army. Lightning tendrils of a sickly blue color burst from the orb, striking to the heart of every enemy standing within range. Those closest to the orb were scattered to the winds, and those further away felt the force of the arcane lightning as it erupted their bodies, showering parts down over Peridyn Field. The Reign of Blight ended that day. The survivors turned their backs on what was to be called the Great Craidin War and twenty-nine years of pestilence and death. In what became known as the Epoch of Amelioration they returned to what was left of their families and cities, a spark of hope kindled in their breasts. Features: * Six player races: Avian, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Human, and Troll; with sub-races that will emerge as the game world evolves. * A full skill based system for all trades, melee, and magic systems that allows players to create a character in nearly any fashion desired. Tied to the skill system is the degrading system, where skills not used will slowly degrade. Players can advance and learn additional skills and abilities through the Master-Apprentice system, where a Master of a skill works with a player (the Apprentice) to teach the desired skill. * A magic and melee system that allows the player to create nearly any spell or style desired with hundreds of possibilities. * A large variety of general and trade skills give players a choice in what profession to take on in life, from leadership skills to masonry, to riding and map making. * An armor and equipment system set up to be usable based on a characters abilities and attributes, where items slowly degrade in quality over the life span usage of the item. Customizable colorization of armor, as well as nine layers of armor types for 26 visible armor slots allowing players to create unique armor styles. * A political and social system that allows players to create a variety of organizations, from player orders to empires, where players can ally to create factions to defend or expand territories by social means or by force. * A player vs player system that ranges from single player vs. player to kingdom vs. kingdom wars, from town vs. town to guild vs. guild, giving unlimited possibilities to forming social and political alliances. This system, tied with the skill based system, allows players to participate in PvP at an early stage, without the usual wading through many levels to be able to enjoy this aspect of the game. Characters with high leadership skills will have the privilege to make use of a commander console, which allows that player to direct and partially or fully control entire armies during a war. * A City building and a realistic sieging system in Realms of Torment allow players to change the geography of the game world. Player organizations can build cities, setting the laws and the enforcement of them, and can hire NPC's to guard the land or lay claim to an existing player city by taking it over with force through war and sieging. * A player driven economy where the finest items are player crafted, and a unique auction system that uses special NPC's to create sales or trades, as well as player made quests or bounties. * A unique blood-line system exists to create many role playing possibilities, and adds to the expansion of the permanent death situations feature of the game allowing for truly epic gameplay situations. Players no longer are forced to stay with one character through out the game. Here they can have an entire blood-line or lineage, where the founding character of a line is born into the world carrying the name that all characters born there after of that line will wear. With this feature comes the ability to marry, have children, and in the case of permanent death, the player continues living in the game world through his or her child as a playable character and receives the benefits that come with that characters existing blood-line. * An accountability Player vs Player system called Fame that tracks a player's good and bad actions, and is inherited by each character of that player's blood-line. With the Fame system comes benefits to those players that play the game within the rules, completing quests, fighting along side their realm mates or even for pleasing their chosen gods. Players with a low Fame count are held accountable for their actions by other players. * A large geography gives players an immersive and detailed world to explore, including undergrounds (dungeons), woodlands, mountains, ice lands, swamps and more. As the world evolves and secrets are uncovered, the world size will grow. * Aside from player driven quests, there are NPC and game master quests that give players the chance to advance their character or their player organization, to gain favors or gifts from the gods, and to discover the hidden secrets of the world of Krel. * Realms of Torment offers a unique game story that is one massive mystery for players to discover. Through player interaction, the hidden storyline will slowly reveal itself, giving gamers control over the evolution of the world of Krel. * A large variety of AI fantasy creatures populate the world, allowing for player interaction and more challenging player vs. environment situations.