Demo: Nemesis of the Roman Empire - Celtic Kings The Punic Wars

Enlight has released a playable demo of Nemesis of the Roman Empire (aka Celtic Kings The Punic Wars), allowing you to try out this upcoming RTS sequel in the works at Haemimont Games. The demo lets you play two of the four nations available in the full game - Romans and Carthaginians - and offers two single-player missions, a tutorial and also a multiplayer mode. Check out our two developer diaries (dev diary 1 - dev diary 2) for more details about the game. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Nemesis of the Roman Empire Demo (147.3 MB)
  • Nemesis of the Roman Empire Demo Contents Introduction Hardware Requirements and Installation Playing the game Single player Multiplayer More Information 1. Introduction Welcome to the Nemesis of the Roman Empire Demo! Enter a world of powerful heroes, skillful warriors and vast battles. Discover the history of one of the greatest conflicts of all times - The Punic Wars. Bring Rome to its knees playing the famous Carthaginian general Hannibal. As a Roman consul, ignite the devastating conflict which ended with the destruction of Carthage and the extinction of its people. Nemesis of the Roman Empire is a sequel to the award-winning Celtic Kings: Rage of War Real-Time Strategy game. In this demo you can play two of the four nations available in the full game - Romans and Carthaginians. 2. Hardware Requirements and Installation The minimum system configuration to experience the demo is: IBM PC or 100% compatible A 400 MHz Pentium II processor At least 128MB of system memory Video board capable of displaying 1024x768 with thousands of colors Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP DirectX 9.0 or newer 300 MB free hard disk space To install, download and double-click on the NemesisDemo.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. 3. Playing the game Start the game and select "Tutorial" on the main menu. The wise Roman elder Publius will explain to you the basic controls as well as the main game mechanics. 4. Single player There are two single player missions included in the demo as well as one map which you can play against computer opponents. To play one of the missions start the game and select Adventure from the main menu. Then select the mission you want to play from the list then click on the Start button. In Battle for Cannae you control the whole army of Hannibal with the task of defeating a huge Roman army. A direct assault will not work against such a numerous force ... As Rome grew in power its interest and influence spread throughout the Mediterranean where Carthage reigned supreme. The fate of a single town ignited a conflict which lasted for more than 100 years and ended with the destruction of an entire civilization. It all started with the Battle for Sicily where Rome opposed Carthage for the first time. To play on the single player map against computer opponents start the game and choose Single player from the start menu. Select up to three computer opponents and assign them in teams. Click the start button and begin the conquest of your opponents. 5. Multiplayer To start a multiplayer game, start the game and select Multiplayer from the main menu. One of the players should host a game by clicking on the Host button. The other players should join the game hosted by the first player by double-clicking on its name in the list. Once all players are connected and have checked the I'm ready check box the hosting player can start the game by clicking on the Start button. If all players are connected via a LAN (local area network) the list with the hosted games in the multiplayer screen will update automatically when a game is hosted. If playing over the Internet, after hosting a game the player should give the contents of the Host IP field to the other players who want to join. They should enter that information in the Internet Host field in the multiplayer screen and press the Update button in order to see the game being hosted. After the game appears in the list the player can join it by double-clicking its name. 6. More Information Nemesis of the Roman Empire official web site Enlight Software Haemimont Games Copyright (c) 2000-2004 Haemimont Games