League of Legends Tribunal System Added and Trailer

Video game developer and publisher entrusts gamers to monitor and review reported player behavior
Riot Games today unveiled the Tribunal, a new peer adjudication system designed to foster a positive experience for the community of League of Legends. Available from the account control panel on the League of Legends website, the Tribunal presents participants with a randomly assigned harassment report to review. Within, jurors are presented with relevant information including chat logs and player stats to aid in reaching a decision - at which point they may vote to either punish or pardon the reported player. If a reported player receives the requisite number of guilty votes, their account will automatically incur a temporary ban. Tribunal reviewers who cast their votes along with the majority will be rewarded with Influence Points (the virtual currency of League of Legends) in thanks for their service to the community. Auditors from the Riot Games Customer Support Team will constantly review the system for accuracy and fairness. A new trailer is now locally mirrored.