Dead Space 2: Outbreak Map Pack Screens

The Necromorph onslaught is stronger than ever!
Electronic Arts sent us new Dead Space 2 screenshots, this time illustrating the Dead Space 2: Outbreak Map Pack which will be available for free May 31st on Xbox LIVE and June 3rd on the PlayStation Network. The Dead Space 2: Outbreak Map Pack introduces two all-new multiplayer maps, The Academy and The Concourse. The premise for both maps is simple, help the human team escape or use the Necromoprhs to stop them. The Academy map takes place in the elementary school on the Sprawl, where the human team has to work together to activate the decontamination system. In the Concourse map, the human team will need to evade the Necromorph incursion in the mall and send a distress signal to the rescue ship outside.