White Knight Chronicles II/White Knight Chronicles: Origins EU Release Date/Trailers

Leonard's voyages to continue in June, backed up by White Knight Chronicles: Origins on PSP
Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that White Knight Chronicles II and White Knight Chronicles: Origins, two new titles developed for PS3 and PSP respectively, will be releasing on the same day: UK and Ireland - 10 June 2011; Australia and New Zealand - 9 June 2011; Rest of PAL - 8 June 2011. White Knight Chronicles II continues the epic story of Leonard with a brand new 30+ hour single player campaign. Featuring a fully redesigned, dynamic new combat system, you can create and customize your own attack strategies and combos. With online play for up to 6 players, you can choose to tackle co-op quests or free-roam the game world as a team, plus the Georama feature returns allowing you to build your own customizable town online. White Knight Chronicles: Origins is a brand new story to the series set 10,000 years before the events of the original PS3 game. It will offer a 30+ hour single player campaign and online play for up to 4 friends. Also, you'll be able to trade quests and avatars with your friend. Two new trailers are now locally mirrored.