Cities in Motion: Tokyo and Magicka Nippon DLC Released/Trailer

Cities in Motion and Magicka fans are invited to the Far East in two very different fashions
Paradox Interactive has announced the availability of Cities in Motion: Tokyo, an expansion that feature an all-new campaign comprising four different scenarios starting in the 1970s and stretching across four decades, along with seven new vehicles, the introduction of the Monorail and strategic challenges. In the city, players are challenged to build a reliable and efficient transit system that will satisfy your demanding citizens travel requirements. Paradox Interactive also announced the release of The Magicka Nippon DLC, a new content created by Arrowhead Games that offers 1 Kimono robe, 1 Katana - "Yawarakai-Te" (cuts through armor) and 1 Bamboo Staff - "Staff of Endurance" (resistance to all elements). A new trailer is now locally mirrored.