Brothers in Arms Furious 4 Announced and E3 2011 Trailer/Screens

1:23 of cinematic footage
During its press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft has announced Brothers in Arms Furious 4, the latest iteration of Brothers in Arms franchise in the works at Gearbox Software. Set in World War II, Brothers in Arms Furious 4 is a brutal first person shooter that offers a campaign mode playable with up to four players in co-op, as well as a competitive multiplayer mode. The story follows four fierce and fearless warriors tracking the Führer himself. As one of the Furious 4, players will use special weaponry and unexpected combat abilities to fight the greatest threat the world has ever faced: an experimental Nazi army conceived in secret by the Third Reich. Brothers in Arms Furious 4 will be available in the first half of calendar year 2012, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 - a trailer is now locally mirrored.