Inversion E3 2011 Trailer/Screens

Join Davis Russel and Leo Delgato as they battle hordes of Lutadores and jump, flip and vector shift their way through gravity defying levels (2:03)
We have a new trailer and fifteen more screenshots from Inversion, a third-person shooter game which introduces revolutionary gravity-wielding combat, zero gravity environments, vector changes, and a unique destructible cover system. Featuring the Grappler weapon, players will be able to manipulate gravity for their own purposes. The Grappler can be used in countless combat situations by maneuvering massive objects as shields or projectiles, and moving camped enemies out of concealed cover so they can be blasted away. The Grappler is also a key tool for tactical situations and puzzle solving as players can lift, move, or create cover objects at their whim. Developed by Saber Interactive, Inversion is set for February 7th, 2012.