The Rage screens & facts

This is their description "The Rage is a 3D arcade fighting game with a very original camera control. It allows up to 4 players on the same pc. The game is reminiscent of classics like Double Dragon and Street Fighter". I agree the game seems a Double Dragon clone in 3D and may give some kick them all fun, anyway there's nothing astonishing in it, I could not take any screenshot sadly, the game seems to block screenshoting programs. A good get from a bargain bin, not worth a full price.
The development of this game started on September 1999; the idea was to take the gameplay quality and the concept of the great old successes like "Streets of Rage" and "Final Fight", adding moves, different possible ways, variety and, especially, the resources of the new tecnologies. Now The Rage is completed and there are up to 4 human players (selectable within a karateka, a wrestler, a metler and a pretty woman), 6 stages, composed of two or three sections and there's also the network mode (LAN and Internet).