Airline 69 v1.02c Patch

Redfire Software has released English and German patches for Airline 69, bringing this recent funny erotic simulation by Interactive Strip to v1.02c. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Airline 69 v1.02c English Patch (250 KB)
  • Airline 69 v1.02c German Patch (250 KB)
  • The makers of the erotic hit - "Wet - The Sexy Empire", the developers INTERACTIVE STRIP, are finally back with a bang! This explosive mix of Sim and Erotic Adventure takes up where their 1997 classic left off. Famous German cartoonist Carsten Wieland has once again amply demonstrated his amazing talent, giving us this timeless, colorful and thumpingly erotic masterpiece - his homage to the cult films of the 40's. Features: - 30 locations in comic style - More than 30 diverse characters to interact with - A multitude of cut sequences in cartoon style - Countless opportunities for hair-raising action - Online help with Penthouse model SASHA - Fantastic, film-quality soundtrack - Powerfully engineered, simple-to-use game interface