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Brat Designs has released a set of screenshots for Solar, showing off some of the battlefields and areas in this recently announced "tightly focused, near future, battlefield gaming experience. Allowing both single player and multiplayer modes over vast terrains, with up to 32 players in a game. Thanks: 3DGamers.
'SOLAR' is a new project from Brat designs and the first to use the Mercury II engine. Taking place across three theatres of war, The Earth, Moon and Mars, ‘SOLAR’ follows the progress of the Eastern Collective Democracy (ECD) and the United Western Alliance (UWA) as they clash in a decades old struggle for resources. Earth is now a shattered wasteland. A huge battlefield, where the warring factions compete for scarce resources in a quagmire of trenches and fortifications. Mars is a partially terraformed mining world, it’s vast red surface littered with wreck and ruin from the bitter conflict. The Moon has become a dumping ground. Its huge network of tunnels, excavated in the early days of the lunar colonies, now crammed with the filth and waste of the human race. “If you want peace, prepare for war” ‘SOLAR’ is a tightly focused, near future, battlefield gaming experience allowing both single player and multiplayer modes over vast terrains, with up to 32 players in a game. Single player games use multiplayer maps with the addition of advanced AI bots to simulate multiplayer gaming styles. ‘SOLAR’ has two warring factions, each with it’s own set of weapons and vehicles, varying from trench mortars to long range bombardment cannons with payloads of neurotoxins. Transportation in ‘SOLAR’ varies by faction, each with a unique range of land, sea and air units, providing varied game play choices. In addition to this are the Necro. An army of undead soldiers, re-animated by a toxic brew created by fallout from decades of nuclear, chemical and biological war. Mostly chaotic by nature, these troopers are a constant threat to both sides, but can be a useful resource if brought under the influence of one faction. Interactive environments add another game play element to ‘SOLAR’. Buildings crumble as they are hit by shells or are crashed into with vehicles; gun emplacements can be manned to cut down the opposition in a hail of bullets; trees and other incidental scenery can be cleared by a well placed grenade. All this leads to a dynamic, ever changing battlefield. Features include:- * Vast terrains with huge viewing distances * Interactive environments with fully destructible buildings * Weather conditions including fog, acid rain and snow * Three Campaigns (Earth, Mars and the Moon) * Two warring factions each with their own technology set * Advanced bot AI and path finding * Battlefields containing upto 32 AI or Human players * Ground, aerial and aquatic vehicles capable of multiple crew members Called in air strikes and artillery bombardments * Weapons of mass destruction (ICBM’S and Orbital laser platforms) Chemical, biological and radioactive * Cooperative MP modes including, Interdiction, Retrieval, Assault, VIP Escort, Search and Destroy, Recon, Rescue and Sabotage * Standard MP modes including Last man standing, Death match, Team Death Match, Capture the flag, Assault and King of the Hill * Advanced shader technology * Advanced lighting and shadowing

Solar on PC
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