Infested Planet Public Beta Begins and Screens/Trailer

It's all about striking hard and killing lots of squishy alien bugs
Independent developer Rocket Bear Games has announced that Infested Planet is now available for preorder and public testing. After preordering the game, players immediately get access to the beta. Infested Planet is a tactical RTS, giving players the command of 5 soldiers and pitting them against a swarm of 100,000 aliens. To defeat this numerous enemy, players will have to employ their entire arsenal of weapons, buildings and technologies. Constructing everything from artillery cannons to heavily armoured minigun specialists, the marine team must push back the encroaching alien menace. The aliens have a few tricks at their disposal as well. They can mutate to gain new abilities, challenging the player with new problems. Potential commanders will need to adapt quickly or risk being overrun. Nine screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download section.