Combat Command: The Matrix Edition v1.01 Patch

The update fixes a couple issues, a problem with email games, and adds Bocage to the Editor.
Matrix Games and Boku Strategy Games have issued a patch for Combat Command: The Matrix Edition, an updated compilation of the Combat Command series which combines the features, units, scenarios, and gameplay from both Desert Rats and Danger Forward. Included in this version are two brand new scenarios, Moscow and Stalingrad. This special edition also has support for 8 new armies bringing the total number of national armies included to 15, including support for the combatants in the Pacific Theater of WWII. Combat Command: The Matrix Edition also sports a new paint job, with many graphical components of the game improved or completely redone. All the unit graphics have been redone, Fall and Jungle terrain sets have been added, all old terrain sets have been redone, the interface has been tweaked and recolored, and more.