Unreal 2 XMP Community Bonus Pack

The final version of the XMP Community Bonus Pack has been released. It contains 10 of the best community made maps and seven mutators that have been updated since the public beta. To make use of this pack, you'll need the expanded multiplayer install. Read more for the list of maps. Thanks: Beyond Unreal Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Unreal 2 XMP Community Bonus Pack Public Beta (100 MB)
  • Map list:
  • XMP-CBP-Apophis
  • XMP-CBP-Asunder
  • XMP-CBP-Emerald
  • XMP-CBP-Hell
  • XMP-CBP-Islands
  • XMP-CBP-Kaminari
  • XMP-CBP-Naularn
  • XMP-CBP-WinterGarden
  • XMP-CBP-Wonderwoods
  • XMP-CBP-Xaemia