One Piece: Gigant Battle Released and New Trailers/Screens

Join the straw hat crew aboard the good ship One Piece for brand new adventures
Namco Bandai Games Europe S.A.S. today announced that One Piece: Gigant Battle for Nintendo DS is now sailing to retailers in Europe. Developed by Ganbarion, One Piece: Gigant Battle is a fight action game featuring the entire One Piece cast from the Eiichiro Oda masterpiece. The game stays faithful to the manga pirate universe full of unexpected pranks and devilish wit, with destructible environments and the familiar attacks of well known characters helping fans to relive the great moments from the anime. The game traces that of the manga as the crew traverse the Sabaondy archipelago right up to Marine Ford which brings the first era of the Straw Hat Crew to a close. In Pirate Grand Prix mode, players will take the crew island hopping, tackling a variety of missions and launching into chaotic and crazy battles with formidable opponents. Different side quests will unlock new characters and extra missions. The Wi-Fi multiplayer mode lets up to 4 players do battle for pirate supremacy across a selection of troublesome stages. Two new trailers and a fresh batch of screenshots have been added in our download section.